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I love a good bargain, don't you?  As someone who loves to shop (and, who doesn't love to shop?), I believe too much of a good thing, isn't always a good thing.  It is very easy to accumulate "stuff" over time - it sort of creeps up on you, and before you know it..."stuff-overload"!  

So, in order to simplify, and be a better steward, I began the practice of reselling.  At first, I had a few, good local resale shops that I would frequently take some of my things and sell on consignment.  But, with the ever-growing online reselling communities, I found the best platform that is fun, easy to use, and now, I am successfully selling everything from clothing, jewelry, home decor' and even some of my Prairie Blossom Boutique "overstock" items!  And, one of the really great, benefits:  No traveling or bundling up loads of "stuff" in the car, only to perhaps, make a few, occasional sales for a 50% commission, at best.  

At POSHMARK, you are in control.  There are no listing fees...ever.  Unlimited number of listings that you can upload, anytime.  You are in the driver seat for marketing your own "closet" with a fun, online community of fellow resellers and lots of eager buyers - just waiting for a good deal.  And, you can use your social media audience to share your closet with, as well.  

POSHMARK fees are very simple and straightforward.  For all sales under $15, POSHMARK takes a flat commission of $2.95.  You keep the rest.  For sales of $15 or more, you keep 80% of your sales and POSHMARK's  commission is 20%.  You can spend your earnings within the app or withdraw your money as cash whenever you like.  POSHMARK handles all of the transactions (including paying credit card fees), and also provides you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label to use when shipping your orders (*shipping paid by buyers, unless you choose to discount). stuff?  Consider purging unwanted, unused and "un-fitting" items from your closet, basement, attic...etc., (let's face it...we all have them), and put them back into circulation for someone else to love and reuse.  Sign up for FREE, and start shopping or selling.  Enter the code PRAIRIEGIRL88 and get $10 off your first purchase!  

It's a great way to practice good stewardship, and be "green" at the same time :)


If you are looking for some great bargains, in clothing, shoes, jewelry, home decor', vintage, new boutique below to visit my closet - it's LOADED!  Then hop over to some other great, closets and check out the many great deals waiting for you!